Cleaning, Disinfection and Sanitisation

Specialised Cleaning and Disinfection for COVID-19

We decontaminate Schools, Childcare, Restaurants and Aged Care Facilities

Professional sanitisation and disinfection cleaning services in Melbourne to protect your surfaces from viruses and bacteria including Novel Coronavirus!

How Coronavirus Spreads

COVID-19 infections can be transmitted by airborne or surface contact –

  • Through respiratory droplets in the air by coughing and sneezing
  • Close personal contact
  • Contact with contaminated surfaces and then touching the mouth, nose, or eyes
Sanitising & Disinfecting

Our Guarantee

We use hospital grade disinfectants to clean all surfaces to help mitigate surface to person transmission of Novel Coronavirus.

We follow health service recommendations and use foggers and mist sprayers to disinfect all surfaces and kill bacteria, germs, pathogens and viruses.

Not only do we kill 99.99% of germs, bacteria and viruses, we do our part to reassure the safety of your customers, staff and the wider community of Melbourne.

Sanitising & Disinfecting

Our Difference

At After Dark Canopy Cleaners, we understand that people need reassurance, more than ever, that their business does not pose a health risk to anybody. At After Dark Canopy Cleaners we will leave you with that complete reassurance.

Through Australian Health and Safety certified practices we guarantee a complete sanitisation and disinfection, including;

  • Worktops and benches
  • Surfaces and walls
  • Floors and under spaces
  • Equipment, machinery, upholstery

Part of our guarantee to our customers is that all of our services come with a list of the procedures performed, service reports, before and after pictures, and certification.

In times such as these, it is important we do our part to keep Melbourne businesses clean and safe.

Sanitising & Disinfecting

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Restaurants and Food Chains

Sanitisation and Disinfection Cleaning – Restaurants and Food Chains

For Restaurant and Food Chain owners, reassure your customers and staff that their health and safety is your number one priority with After Dark Canopy Cleaners’ professional sanitisation and disinfection service.

Education & Childcare Centres

Sanitisation and Disinfection – Education & Childcare Centres

For Schools and Childcare Centre owners, set an example of good hygiene and promote the cleanliness of your facility to parents and guardians with After Dark Canopy Cleaners’ professional sanitisation and disinfection service.

Aged Care Centres

Sanitisation and Disinfection – Aged Care Centres

For Aged Care Centre owners, allow your guests to go about their daily lives in full confidence that they are in a safe and completely clean environment with After Dark Canopy Cleaners’ professional sanitisation and disinfection service.

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